Careers & Partnerships

Excellence through collaboration and teamwork

At Luggage Teleport, we acknowledge the value of our customers and therefore we work together in collaboration with our partners as a team to deliver quality in our services. Sharing the same values is one crucial element to achieve our goals and we are looking for new collaborators and partners who are enthusiastic about building a strong network of support, reliability and excellence.

What is it like to work with us

We are a start-up currently operating in the heart of San Francisco and has the firm ambition to expand to the most visited cities in the US and the world. Our team is diverse, which enables a dynamic working environment.

Technology is at the core of our everyday operations and therefore we are looking for collaborators who feel comfortable with utilizing it as a tool to simplify daily tasks and who are willing to adapt to the latest trends in an efficient timely manner.

Current Openings

Software Engineer

  • Development of application for iOS and Android
  • Proficient in PHP framework, CMS & HTML/CSS


  • Able to navigate with digital maps for luggage delivery
  • Familiar with the city of San Francisco

Logistics Coordinator

  • Knowledge of hotels in the Bay Area
  • Co-ordination of porters and drivers to ensure smooth luggage delivery

You can also send us an email at Please allow up to 24 hours to process

Become a partner

Luggage Teleport is open to form relationships with other companies in the tourism industry. We aim for interesting partnership models to ensure we have win-win situations, but most importantly, to improve the quality in service for our customers. If you share the goal of easing the lives of travelers by increasing their time availability while visiting a new city, please contact us.

You can also send us an email to Please allow up to 24 hours to process